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About Deconvolve.Net

The Purpose of Deconvolve.Net
Deconvolve.Net exists to showcase and freely distribute my software packages for deconvolution and image processing. The website is a specialist deconvolution-themed spin-off from my general image processing website ( and the software I distribute here is the same as that distributed at Bialith. Having worked hard over many years developing these powerful software tools for my own research use, I wanted to share my results and software with others who could make use of them.
Most powerful deconvolution tools (especially on the MS Windows platform) are commercialised products which can only be obtained by those with sufficient funds. However, I believe that these tools should be freely available to everyone - including students, amateurs and hobbyists - so they can learn, develop ideas and enjoy the benefits of deconvolution. I also believe that, at the time of writing (25.5.2010), the deconvolution software offered here, while free for non-commercial use, is probably the most powerful and versatile deconvolution software available for the MS Windows platform - even when compared to the most expenisve commercial products on the market.

Ownership and Funding of Deconvolve.Net
Deconvolve.Net is a personal website of Dr P.J.Tadrous, a UK medical doctor also qualified in digital image processing. This website is not funded by any governmental agency or commercial company.

Contact Us
For general enquiries email: pjtadrous[at]
To submit content to the user's forum vist the forum page.

Commercial Use of Deconvolve.Net
The software provided via Deconvolve.Net (and are free only for non-commercial and not-for-profit use. If a commercial company would like to incorporate any of this software into their products they should contact Dr P.J. Tadrous to discuss terms of a non-exclusive licence for this purpose. Any licence granted will have to be non-exclusive to avoid monopolisation and restriction of use of the software which must remain free for all non-commercial and not-for-profit users.

Copyright (c) 2010. Dr Paul J. Tadrous
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