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Stocks of our 3D printed specialty products are usually low because we print & assemble them in small batches. If any item is out of stock, please check back later or get in touch by email and we can advise you on likely time of availability or email you back with a notice when a product is available.

PUMA microscopes and modules

If you are new to PUMA see this ‘Introducing PUMA’ page first and / or watch this YouTube ‘Introduction to PUMA’ video (opens in a new tab).

Pre-prepared slides

A selection of stained microscope slides professionally made in our own histology lab. Both fluorescent and non-fluorescent stained specimens are available to test various aspects of your microscope and for education.


Lenses, mirrors, beam splitters, filters, objectives, graticules, stage micrometers, mechanical stages, etc.


C-Mount and ocular mount, 3D-printed custom cameras and off-the-shelf solutions.

Lab supplies

Microscope slides, coverslips, reagents, dyes, etc.

Other components

PCBs and other components.