PUMA Products

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The PUMA Foundation Scope

This is a complete starter pack for PUMA microscopy. It includes the following items (only):

  • PUMA stage, manual focus (no motor)
  • Monocular tube and simple filter block with two empty filter trays and a protective eyepiece cap.
  • Metal RMS objective thread mount
  • PUMA mirror illuminator (no condenser, no electric lamp)
  • Short legs system
  • Two steel stage clips to hold a standard microscope slide
  • One test slide (stained plant tissue).
  • One high quality x10 eyepiece (20 mm field of view, high eye relief, suitable for spectacle wearers)
  • One high quality Plan Achromat RMS objective lens (either x4 or x10 magnification as per buyer selection below)
  • A printed user manual (also available as a PDF download here)

With x4 objective £238.52

With x10 objective £272.83

Abbe Condenser Upgrade Kit

This is an upgrade kit for those who already have the PUMA Foundation scope. It includes the following items (only):

  • PUMA long legs stand system with fixing nuts and flexible washers
  • PUMA Abbe condenser (approx. NA 0.92 dry, 1.14 oiled) fitted with a condenser flange spacer and a protective top cap.
  • Attachment brackets and thumbscrews to hold the condenser to the underside of the microscope stage.
  • Condenser to mirror holder attachment.
  • Two filter trays for the illuminating aperture diaphragm (IAD) slot (one for oil immersion and one for dry objectives)
  • A selection of filters for dark field (dark ground) and Schlieren phase contrast imaging and a spare condenser flange spacer.
  • A printed user manual (also available as a PDF download here)


Köhler Illumination Upgrade Kit

This is an upgrade kit for those who already have the PUMA Foundation scope and Condenser upgrade kit. It includes the following items (only):

  • Upper collector assembly with the 44 mm lens (smooth type)
  • Collector mirror block with mirror and front attachments.
  • IFD slot apparatus including a cross-hairs filter
  • Daylight Köhler adaptor ring.
  • A 30 mm lens (spheroid type) for optional use with the improved lower collector system (note: the lower collector system with 23 mm lenses is not included – that is part of the separate LED illuminator upgrade kit).
  • No light source is included – you can use this kit with the mirror that came with your Foundation scope to achieve daylight Köhler illumination or use your own external collimated source.
  • A user manual is available as a PDF download here.


Z-Motor Upgrade Kit

Upgrades the Foundation scope to use a stepper motor for focusing. You will need to supply some additional parts for this to be fully functional. See the free user manual for details before purchasing. The kit includes the following items (only):

  • TWO stepper motors: both a 5V and a 12V version so you can chose which to use according to your power supply voltage.
  • All the required 3D printed parts and fixings including the PTFE rings
  • A Makerbot-type end stop limit switch and cable
  • A ULN2003 stepper motor driver board (1 only)
  • A JST PH female to JST XH male gender changer on the 12V motor
  • A JST XH cable and PCB header
  • A printed user manual (also available as a PDF download here)


PUMA Carrying Case

A light-weight (only 138 g) flexible polyester rain and splash-resistant carrying case suitable to transport a field-stripped PUMA Foundation scope as well as a host of additional accessories and upgrades as described below.

  • See this YouTube video demonstration
  • Dimensions 13 x 15 x 25 cm, 138 g; Colour: Black
  • In addition to the main cavity there is one external and one internal zipped accessory compartments.
  • The carry case is lightly padded (suitable for hand carriage but not recommended to use as a sole protector for transport by post or other non-supervised means).
  • The case can accommodate the basic foundation scope as well as the following upgrades:
    • Epi-fluorescence
    • Epi-illumination (polarising and non-polarising)
    • Trans-polarisation with powered illumination (using the PUMA Lite controller)
    • Condenser
    • Long legs system (required for condenser and trans-polarising upgrades)
    • Binocular head
    • Advanced filter block (this is a prerequisite for any of the epi-illumination modules described above)
    • XY Mechanical slide holder with Vernier scale.
  • ALL the above upgrades will fit into the same bag simultaneously together with the basic foundation scope so you can switch between those configurations anywhere you take them.
  • However, a single transport case will NOT accommodate any configuration that uses the PUMA Control Console. This includes anything with a motorised Z stage and anything which requires TFT control like the PUMA AR projector or the SLM. The full Kohler illuminator may be accommodated in this small transport case if it is powered by the PUMA Lite controller but may not fit together with all the upgrades described above simultaneously.