Köhler Illumination

The Köhler illumination upgrade kit allows you to upgrade a PUMA microscope already fitted with its Abbe condenser so that it can also use Köhler illumination. The kit assumes you already have all the parts in the Foundation scope and the Abbe condenser upgrade. Although no light source is provided with this kit, you can… Continue reading Köhler Illumination

Z-Motor upgrade kit

We are pleased to announce that the Z-Motor upgrade kit is now commercially available from our site. The kit provides not just one but two stepper motors – both a 12V version and a 5V version so you can choose which to use for your project depending on your power supply rating. A single ULN2003… Continue reading Z-Motor upgrade kit

Abbe condenser upgrade kit

We are pleased to announce the release of the first commercially available upgrade kit for the PUMA microscope – the Abbe condenser upgrade kit. The kit provides everything you need to upgrade the standard Foundation scope to use the PUMA Abbe condenser system as described in the videos on the PUMA Microscope YouTube channel. This… Continue reading Abbe condenser upgrade kit

Introducing PUMA

The PUMA Foundation Microscope We are proud to announce the release of our flagship product – the PUMA Foundation scope. PUMA is an open source and totally portable, incredibly light-weight and highly customisable 3D printed multimodality microscope system with many optional modules that can allow a whole host of professional quality observational modes. It can… Continue reading Introducing PUMA