Z-Motor upgrade kit

We are pleased to announce that the Z-Motor upgrade kit is now commercially available from our site.

The kit provides not just one but two stepper motors – both a 12V version and a 5V version so you can choose which to use for your project depending on your power supply rating. A single ULN2003 stepper motor driver board is also included. The 12V motor comes with a JST PH female to JST XH male gender changer fitted to it. Some of the parts are pre-assembled for you to make the upgrade process easier but you will need to provide your own tools.

It also includes all the 3D printed parts and screws, bolts, washers, etc. to fit a stepper motor to the scope including a Makerbot-type end stop limit switch and cable and the PTFE rings.

However, to be fully functional you will need to supply an appropriate power supply and a suitably programmed microcontroller or computer to provide the control logic pulses (and any custom wiring or connections). See the free PDF manual for more detail.