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The The BiaQIm Image Processing Suite (BIPS) is Open Source free software, most of which is cross-platform and 64 bit although some MS Windows specific GUI programs and a few 32 bit programs are also included. The BIPS is written in the C programming language and the command line programs can be compiled for Linux, MS Windows, macOS and other OS. The components of the BIPS are as follows (click the name of each component to learn more about it):


an MS Windows 32 bit GUI program for general image processing


a collection of over 200 command-line programs for image processing


an MS Windows 32 bit GUI interface for 3D volume rendering


an MS Windows 32 bit GUI program for cell counts and proportions measurements

This software is provided as open source free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License v. 3.0. It is provided ‘as is’, without any warranty.

Dowloads for latest release (last update 31.03.2024)

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