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The Biaram Programs

Biaram is a collection of over 200 separate programs for doing specific image processes such as deconvolution, image rotation, colour separation, etc. Each is a pre-compiled executable for MS Windows XP/Vista/7. Most of the program has native 64-bit compilation and some have parallel processing enabled (for multicore machines) as options - all free - for speedy execution of math-intensive proceses such as 3D deconvolution.

User's Manual 
 Download the latest edition of the Biaram User's Manual PDF from my downloads page.

If you use any of these programs to generate results which you later publish, please reference the use of that program. The following is a suggestion of how to do this (take care to replace PROGRAM_NAME with the actual program name and replace ## with the actual version number):
Tadrous PJ. PROGRAM_NAME (BiaQIm image processing suite) version ##, 2011, URL

List of Programs
The programs have grown in number and complexity since the last release so please see the user's manual for details. The current release contains updated deconvolution programs including the use of accelerated algorithms, features for brightfield deconvolution, 3D microscopy PSF estimation, blind deconvolution and spatially variant deconvolution (blind and non-blind). Other processes include new colour separation methods, image warping and montage facilities, new facilities for 3D image processing and much more - in addition to the traditional image processing routines.

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