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Send in your feedback via the form below. You may remain anonymous or give any information about yourself you want to. Your feedback will first be assessed and then, if it is felt appropriate, it will be posted on the 'View Updates' page for others to view. If you have given information about yourself but do not want to be credited with the feedback as it appears on the website please say so.
Types of feedback particularly welcomed are:
  • New or updated information about a topic (please supply references so the evidence can be reviewed)
  • Corrections to any factual or typographical errors you may have found in the book
  • Suggestions for new topics, figures or tables not present in the current edition of the book
  • Any other suggestions for improvements (to the book or to this web site)
Please note that it is likely that any individual who contributes feedback may not be specifically acknowledged if any of that feedback is used in subsequent editions of the book.

I am sorry - the anonymous feedback form is currently unavailable. However, you may still leave feedback via ordinary email. The address is:


(and replace [AT] with the email '@' symbol).

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