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By sending content to the above address you confirm that you own the copyright to the content and that you give permission for the content to be posted on the Deconvolve.Net forum site. Any content you send will not be returned and may be deleted without notice.

This page is for you to share your FAQ or experiences/results of deconvolution with other users. Also, if you are a programmer and you write GUI interfaces to the command-line programs offered here, you can use this page to showcase and link to your software.
I do not have the resources to run a live forum so send your content (i.e. text, images and links) by email to the above address (if you agree to the Terms of Use specified above). Please also submit a forum user name - that is the name you want to associate with your posting - because your email address will not be used (for your own privacy and security). Any images you send may be compressed further prior to upload. I will examine the content of all emails and will only upload content I consider it appropriate. My decision as moderator will be final. Commercial links will not be favoured. Any links sent will be checked against anti-virus software reports to minimise security threats. Nevertheless, no guarantee can be given that links to external sites posted on the forum are safe.

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08 Feb 2010: Using the PSF ... (DR)

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